Telephony / Cabling

With our cabling and telecoms partners we can cable your offices with the latest cable/fibre technology. Our telecoms partners also offer a range of physical and ‘cloud/hosted’ telephony solutions that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. So what is the next step?

STEP ONE: A FREE consultation

We begin by assessing your needs, evaluating your immediate applications. But we also encourage you to think bigger. So we’ll also examine your future requirements, the potential growth of your organization and possible technology changes which would impact upon your computer network cabling needs and IT infrastructure.

Considerations such as the type of equipment, its resilience and redundancy will be factored into analysis.

STEP TWO: A site survey

We are available to compile a comprehensive analysis of the layout and conditions impacting the environment. When new builds are involved, ‘take-offs’ are obtained from the blueprints rather than an actual site visit. Factors such as structural layout of the complex, building regulations and Health and Safety issues are some of the conditions that will be incorporated into the final design. Information gathered in the site survey will also be incorporated into the proposal document.

STEP THREE: Enabling works

Our experience and capabilities enable us to perform many activities that may be required before the ‘real’ job begins. For example, this could include installing cabinets, containment either PVC or steel, core drilling, construction civil Comms works, and/or UPS, Server Cabinet installation

STEP FOUR: Infrastructure installation

Now that we have completed the design & enabling works our team of trained operatives will be deployed to install, terminate and test the chosen infrastructure, install and configure network servers, switches, Wi-Fi and ancillary equipment.

Carefully following the risk and method statements set to our team, they will ensure that the equipment is installed to the highest standards. We can install a wide variety of transmission media including copper, fibre optic cable, twisted pair, baseband and broadband as well as associated components.

STEP FIVE: Solution Testing

We test using only the latest & market leading test equipment in the market. We currently use the Fluke DTX 1800 test equipments, of which are maintained and calibrated yearly therefore giving a true reflection of the performance of your cable. The Fluke DTX is recognized in the industry as the only tester to have when testing copper cabling, and because of this it is now often specified in new build packages.

We certify every link in every installation to ensure standards and warranty compliance. With every new installation we can offer a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty giving you that extra comfort your network cabling will last the test of time

Our Cabling Partner